Mobile Chipper 605 PTC Trailer

Chipping right into a container with an independent, off-road chip harvesting unit optimizes logistics at the chipping site even when ground conditions are tough.

The 605 PTC Trailer consists of a multi-purpose chipper chassis, complete with hydraulic and control systems, to be connected via quick-couplings to a container chassis for regular 6-meter containers that is easy on the ground and easy to maneuver thanks to self-steering bogie axles with hydraulic shock absorbers. The container hook for handling and aligning the containers and can even tilt them backwards to empty them out.

A suitable towing vehicle is a major 130-250 kW (180-330 HP) agricultural tractor powering the chipper via a shaft and belt drive. The crane is placed on the chipper chassis or on the tractor and in both cases driven by the tractor’s pump system.

The 605 is a compact, flexible and highly efficient chipper for the production of energy chips from tops & branches, parts of trees and small to medium-size roundwood. High chip quality is guaranteed by full-length knives, a fully sheathed chipping drum and BRUKS’s unique chip accelerator. 

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